Addressing Hormone Imbalances with Revolutionary Treatment Approaches

Dr. Christopher Cummings Family Medicine in Oxford

Hormones play a vital role in governing not just our emotions but also serve as the critical signals guiding numerous essential functions within our bodies. Given their significance, staying vigilant about hormone disorders and their treatments is paramount. Understanding and managing these intricate chemical messengers are key to maintaining overall well-being and ensuring optimal health. There are a variety of treatment approaches available to treat such imbalances, such as Biote.

Dr. Christopher Cummins, Family Medicine in Oxford reports that across various studies, almost half of all women are affected by imbalances in hormone levels. However, preventative medicine innovator Biote and medical device pioneer OrthogenRX have developed treatments that can prove revolutionary for physicians treating these hormone imbalances.

In this article, an exploration of hormone imbalances and how physicians can help address them is discussed. We will particularly look into utilizing treatments from Biote and OrthogenRX, and not without first understanding both products. With so much to cover, let’s get started.

Imbalanced Hormones

Hormones are technically chemicals produced in the body. These chemicals create a response in the body from the brain throughout the musculoskeletal and nerve structures. They travel via the bloodstream, take a long time to work, and are involved in just about everything that the human body does.

Hormones are created in different portions of the body; some are made in the brain, while others are made in the thyroid, for example.

The five main hormones are as follows:

  • Estrogen – The female sex hormone that is released in the ovaries and helps development in areas of the body, regulates menstrual cycles, aids in blood clotting and cheerful moods, and even helps form bones. Without it, weight gain, flashes of heat, and low libido are probable; it also affects reproductivity.
  • Melatonin – Produced in a gland of the brain called the pineal gland, this hormone is important in regulating cycles of sleep and wakefulness. Without it, sleep quality goes down significantly, and many health problems from mental to physical can follow.
  • Testosterone – This is the male sex hormone which is produced in either the female ovaries or male testicles and has to do with everything from bone and muscle mass, to sex drive, to fat cell distribution. Without this hormone, sex drive and ability drops, and so do bone density and muscle mass.
  • Insulin – This hormone is released in the pancreas and has everything to do with the metabolic process of the body. It allows vital organs and liver to absorb glucose. Without this hormone messenger, blood sugar rises, and diabetes is soon to follow.
  • Cortisol – Known as the stress hormone, cortisol is released to help the body be aware of danger that might be close by and alert everything to begin moving more quickly in preparation for escape. Too much or too little of this hormone can affect anxiety levels, cause migraines, lead to weight gain, and even harm the heart’s function.
Dr. Christopher Cummings Family Medicine in Oxford

How Biote Revolutionizes Treatment Approaches

As is no doubt obvious from the information above, any fluctuation in hormone levels and improper balances can be a big cause for trouble. Therefore, treatment of hormone imbalances should be efficient and done with extreme prejudice.

This is where Biote come in. Biote is an innovative company that makes their name in medicine which is not only preventative of future health issues (including hormone imbalances,) but is precise in dealing with them.

Biote can provide access to essential vitamins which affect hormone production. Some of these include the amino acid L-theanine, such as their “Best Night Sleep” product. L-theanine is naturally occurring, but can help control cortisone levels, and therefore affect stress and improve sleep.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, addressing hormone imbalances starts with understanding what a big deal the regulation of these hormones is; every area of the body is affected. Additionally, the way these hormone imbalances are treated is just as crucial to do efficiently.

Biote, represents many vitamin and supplement products which also directly address hormone imbalances and their symptoms. These two companies are paving the way for a revolution of treatment approaches in hormone imbalances.

Dr. Christopher Cummins
Dr. Christopher J Cummins M.D.